Lillie The Baggage Handler Tells It like It Is- What An IDIOT

Growing tensions over government overhaul


Last update: March 12, 2011 – 5:07 PM

State Rep. Keith Downey’s veneer of dutiful calm got a harsh test last week when a fellow legislator accused him of ignoring his modest roots in pitching a proposal for stripped-down state government.

Tensions over public workers and their salaries and benefits have emerged as a simmering side-drama at the Capitol as legislators work to wrestle down a $5 billion projected deficit.

“Sometimes you need to remember where you came from,” state Rep. Leon Lillie, DFL-North St. Paul, said during a committee meeting. “If my comments make you mad, I really don’t care. You need to know who you are.”

[INSERT LAUGH TRACK HERE] by North Saint Paul News.

Lillie, an airlines baggage handler, compared Downey, a business consultant, to former Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

“We had a governor who grew up in South St. Paul, who went to public school and went to the public university and forgot where he came from,” Lillie said. “I challenge you, Representative Downey, to remember where you came from. It will make you a better person.”

Always trust and believe your Baggage Handler my Grandfather use to say…

No further comment required,  just embarrassed to live in North St. Paul with this nut job out there representing me.

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  1. Fred says:

    You kill me… do you cut anyone slack? I did not realize that he was a baggage handler, that is rather funny. How on earth did he ever win in his district? You people must have some real goof balls living there, but then again he might me hanging on to some coat tails–That is his daddy. Funny, yet informing.

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