Ramsey Review Please Properly Post North Saint Paul City Notices

Ramsey Review… You are North Saint Paul’s Official Paper for City notices. Do you do this for free?

As a local TAX PAYER, please take responsibility for making City OFFICIAL NOTICES available without you burying it in a pile of convoluted .PDF documents that include notices from here to Timbuktu and every other kind of legal notice. Clean it up, at least the City Notices.

Can you column-ize your various City Official Notices?

You have Woodbury as a single listing. Try segregating official City Notices with a heading for that city. Try that, or call me for help or stop altogether and let someone else do it.

Is that too hard for your Editor for the online version of your paper?

I scanned this from my neighbors paper-sad.

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3 Responses to Ramsey Review Please Properly Post North Saint Paul City Notices

  1. Anonymous says:

    The city needs to pull the plug on that RAG…. What good are they.

  2. NSP DAVE says:

    Time to pull the plug on them-They have nothing to offer except excuses for the City and give free biased political advertisements for Betty McCollum,Wiger, Lillie, Khuen and self serving council people.

    Don’t make waves…

  3. Your an Idiot says:

    What are you trying to prove anyway? Your misfit so-called blog is an embarrassment to the City. No one cares what you think… You do nothing but bash everyone. Why don’t you move!!! We like our city, it’s people like you that make it hard to live here, no wonder all the houses are in foreclosure. What gives you the right to attack everyone! You suck and are a big prick, you and your TEA party racists.

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