Breaking The Backs of Public Sector Union Monopoly Power-4

Today is the day of reckoning for those TRAITOROUS 14 legislators as I talked about in an earlier post.

The Governor WILL NOT flinch…This is a game chicken that these LOSERS can not win. This is a battle between the VOTERS and those racketeers that cater to the Monopoly power union bosses and their cronies.

Thousands of layoff are going out tomorrow–then more… Then those 14 will be kicked out of office and the legislature will get back to the business of the PEOPLE! Some will never be rehired.

You idiots!  (liberals & union folks) It is amazes me how you slaughter each other, your so called union brothers–when any rational human being can see that you been sucking on the teat way to long.   There is nothing left for you to suck, except the life out of each other…have fun.

And I am speaking from ex UNION ORGANIZER background having retired with 34 years (except a short stint in the Army) in one of the oldest skilled trades.

HUGE …difference between private sector unions or construction unions–not even in the same universe..but you idiots will never get that because your brain dead socialists.

Walker has already announced a 5 pm deadline today on sending out layoff notices. Fox hears that a deal may be announced shortly before that will bring enough Democrats back to give the Senate a quorum. Does that mean Walker is prepared to abandon the current bill, or that he will merely ask the Senate to allow amendments to the proposal before a full vote?

This is NOT 20 years ago…

Public Sector Worker Union Thugs

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