North Saint Paul City Manager Is Setting The Stage For Giant Tax Hike

Imagine a city that saved money for the last 15 years and learned how to live within it’s means.  We would have MILLIONS saved and the city would not be in this predicament.  Your taxes are going up to statutory maximum.

Imagine… Imagine a city that had a city manager who did not squander our future on self serving pet projects. Imagine a tiny police department without a capt. making 85K+ and 4 sgts.   Did we really need a Capt, this year? What does this say? Well, it says something, guesses?–probably well deserved, but what we need is a leader/manager not another John Lennon.

Reading between the lines was coined back in 1775 when George Washington needed to communicate with his network of generals and spy’s called the Culpers.  Some believe this was the forerunner–the beginning of the CIA. They sent banal letters to and from one another, passing them around having them inspected along the way by British forces stationed in Boston. They invented an invisible ink; that they wrote their cryptic messages “between the lines”.  When the letter reached its destination, the heat of a flame was used to activate and reveal the message.

Does this seem rational? Can we please GET PAST the PAST?  You haven’t learned a darn thing anyway.

The following ridiculous, pathetic letter to the Editor posted on the city website bellow shows a City Manager in desperation.  Stevy Wonder can see what’s going here, forget invisible ink. We are paying  dearly for this cities mismanagement, lack of foresight, self-serving politicians and overpaid arrogant city leaders. We are just supposed to wax nostalgically–kick back light up a pipe and and feel all tingly and fuzzy inside about failed dreams of a long dead founder of this city Henry Castle?

Mark Dayton”s speech, Wigers tail of woe and now this….

Letter To The Editor

Imagine. Imagine our city with high quality neighborhoods, strong, stable finances, robust business climate, and imagine it all with a preserved sense of small town feel. Reasonable, you may conclude, yet ambitious considering the economic times. Imagine our city with $2 million less in revenue. Now what do you see?

As an exercise, the mayor and council have challenged city staff to consider the future if the State of Minnesota were to eliminate Local Government Aid all together. That amounts to one third of all revenues that fund basic services such as public safety, streets and parks and recreation. Does that change the picture?

Looking back 125 years to the founding of the city our goals were similar and so were the economic conditions. How did the city achieve great longevity? The answer comes from recognizing that the future is a collective fate. This includes not only citizens, but businesses, schools, churches and philanthropic groups. It thoughtfully acted in a forward manner.

We need the thoughtfulness of the entire community, just as we did 125 years ago, to meet the current challenges. As preparations for the 2012 budget get underway, the community will be asked not only for its input, but to engage its imagination. Please stay tuned.

Wally Wysopal

Imagine if the city manager and all the current city employees had to take a pay cut as a show of sacrifice.  Are the city employees not part of city mangers “collective”?  Sorry, these bloated salaries and over paid workers are sacred cows.  Sorry folks, you will have to send your kids to Jr. college, forget that early retirement–work a few more years.

No worries– your house is worth 30% less than tw0 years ago, especially in Ramsey County, the home of the statist crowd and welfare recipients and the big government UNION hub–They don’t pay taxes.  They pay taxes with our taxes and you know it.

Tell me please! that you won’t buy into this hogwash.

No Sir! we do not need to go back 125 years. Lets talk about the last 15 years and keep it REAL.

Wally T. Wysopal is trying to piggy back his agenda contemporaneous with the 125th anniversary of the city which is a canard.  This is right out of the Liberal Tax and Spend playbook. That dog won’t hunt.

The City of North Saint Paul made fiscal mistake after  Mistake and did not have the foresight to engage in thrift, that is, putting money away for a rainy day.  What type of a fool would bank on LGA a gift to the city? This was a well-known RISK long ago and there was no contingency for it’s ability to materialize until the 11 hour, Classic government miss management. Whoops! 2 years ago is too late.

Calthorpe Report 1999 –Please explain without subterfuge our current state of affairs after 11 years.

The Metropolitan Council hired Calthorpe  to develop plans for growth along Minnesota 36 and the St. Croix River Valley. The study focused on six sites: North St. Paul, Oak Park Heights, Lake Elmo, Stillwater, St. Joseph Township, Wis., and New Richmond, Wis.

In North St. Paul, which was used to illustrate development and redevelopment in an older suburban downtown, Calthorpe suggested adding a retail anchor such as a grocery store near the snowman on Margaret Street “to bring more people into the downtown district.” Officials said that many people don’t realize that the city’s central business district, which runs along Seventh Avenue East between Helen and Charles streets, is only a few blocks from Minnesota 36.

Timothy Rood, project manager for the St. Croix Valley Development Design Study, suggested that the city add a range of housing options in downtown and make street improvements “to foster a more pedestrian-friendly environment.” “We want to make these communities walkable, town-like places to live,” he said.

Time for new eyes and a new look on the ground. You failed to live up to your contract with residents and agreement with our elected officials.

I respectfully ask  for you Mr Wysopal to resign and submit it to the City Council for its approval so we can move forward not backwards–so that we can bring in a cost-effective (Salary Package commensurate with performance)manager not a spender and chief *demagogue.

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Letter to the editor



The original [message] on city website  was titled “Letter to the Editor” ONLY. Then when I took it  to press first, they changed it to read “Letter to the Editor Lilly Pad Paper”.  I took a screen shot of this as evidence. Not much gets past me. They really wanted it to go to the city run media not for another news source. You can see in the letter itself that it is not addressed to Lilly Pad. That was another one of Wally’s OS moments. I just thought I would mention it. It really means very little. Maybe.

*Demagogy is a strategy for gaining political power by appealing to the prejudices, emotions, fears and expectations of the public—typically via impassioned rhetoric and propaganda, and often using nationalist, populist or religious themes. What qualifies as demagogy has been the subject of debate and ambiguity since Aristophanes first used the term, in reference to the Athenian statesman, 😉

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