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Tuesday Jan 25

Judged: turning about 3:30 today as I was headed from Menard’s to Fleet Farm, my two favorite

Was turning about 3:30 today as I was headed from Menard’s to Fleet Farm, my two favorite stores, neither of which is located in North St. Paul. Seemed to be turning under the sweet spot RPMs of 44.5 to 45, but didn’t have the time to count while travelling with the traffic at 70 mph. Distracted driving is dangerous.

For the one or two individuals who are still reading this thread, the North St. Paul Enterprise Activities Budgets for 2011, which have only been seen by the council and myself, given to me because I demanded a copy in writing to the prime minister, have a new budget subcategory for 2011 in the budget for Category 50 Electric Utility. 50. The subcategory is 55, Building Maintenance which has a total expenditure of $366,000.

For the calendar year 2011, the people, homes, businesses served(?) by the electric utility will be given the the priviledge of paying for all maintenance costs, eg. garbage pickup, cleaning, etc. of all NSP city owned buildings as part of their electric bill. Want to know where some of that extra 10% you are paying for electricity than those who have Xcel? Here is part of it.

The great part of this is those few customers in Oakdale and Maplewood who get their electricity from NSP, will now have the privilege of paying for the upkeep of NSP buildings. It is time that they shared their wealth.:-P

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