A ONE Day Question On FaceBook.. Would you like Crazy Days Back?

North Saint Paul Minnesota Would you like to see CRAZY DAYS Again?

The following announcement was made by Jan Walsczak at the July 21, 2009 North St. Paul Council Meeting:

Call Councilwoman Walscak (now assistant Mayor) for the TRUTH. I know the truth. As soon as I can confirm my sources, this blog news source will tell you… It’s not what you think. I am not saying Walcak has lied–she has just spun it into  political expediency and selfishness. Now that she is one step away from “Mayor” and a whisper from Mayor dumb dumbs ear, Ms. Waslcak, fix the problem you created. You want to blame the council, That’s a hoot, ya have to admit.

If you have not got it yet, I gave up on the spelling of your last name.

“Tonight, I want to announce that I will no longer be serving as the Chairperson for the Fall Round Up Parade, Snow Frolics, Crazy Days/Slice of Summer, and the Farmers Market. My involvement began in 2001 when North St. Paul was not going to have a Fall Round Up Parade. No organization or individual had volunteered to run it that year. Mayor Sandberg felt that this annual tradition was too important to be skipped, so he encouraged me to volunteer to run it. Since then, I have also done Fall Round Up, Crazy Days/Slice of Summer, Snow Frolics and the Farmers Market each for the past seven years. Since this year’s Farmers Market is in progress, I will finish out the summer with the Farmers Market.

Going forward, these events will not occur again until somebody or some entity steps forward to volunteer to run one, some, or all of the events. Since I volunteered for Mayor Sandberg, I feel it is appropriate to resign as Chairperson here at a council meeting.

My reasons for stepping down are that I have found it has become hard for me to raise funds to run these events, even harder for me to find the necessary volunteers, and hardest for me to operate the events without the full endorsement of the City Council. So, I ask the residents to kindly accept my resignation as Chairperson for these events.”

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  • Jennifer Scheunemann Owens YES! Bring it back – need all those community activites back! I would return “home” from WI for them!

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  • Robert J Boever But there are no retail businesses left downtown.

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North Saint Paul Minnesota Let’s see if we can have a revival. I won’t mention any names but it was just one person who ruined it. Some of you know why, I am not saying. But If the people want it, I say Let’s organize and get it done. Bring the downtown back to life and maybe change the name to “ABSOLUTELY CRAZY DAYS”.

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  • Melissa Clarke Schoenecker Yes absolutely!

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  • Wes Dornseif What was Crazy Days?

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  • Tina Danner I agree!

Yesterday at 10:06pm · LikeUnlike ·Molly Short Yes. I would like to see lots if things. That’s one if them.

  • How’ bout some restaurants and advertising for the merchants, besides at the holiday station store?

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  • Andrew P Ronayne Yes bring it back please

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  • Rashid Alhuribi YESSSSSS!! BRING THAT BACK

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  • Tony Ducklow Yes!

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  • Kim Stahnke-Bean Has some fun times and memories @ Crazy Days!!!! Bring ’em back!!!!

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  • Curt Thurber LIKE BACK IN 2000??? YESSSSSSSSSSS!

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  • Chris Anderson I miss Macs diner

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  • Chad Urbanski HELL YES!!!!!!

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  • Bonnie Ellefson So sad to go through downtown nsp and rememer it as a kid, Macs, Kendels grocery store, the bakery, pharmacy, etc. Would love to see a revival and bring the town back to life!

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  • Craig A Tator Crazy Daze, Fall Round-up, Snow Frolics, bring back the community spirit again.

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  • Stephanie Ferrazzo Glaser Sure..bring back the community spirit!!! And, the winter santa day that occurred this year was wonderful! Next year get some vendors to sell food and have music playing on speakers..would be rather inviting!

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  • Jackie Wondra Vick YES, and the parade!

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