Please Let The Gridlock Continue

The Democrats who laughed in the face of  the Tea-Party found itself in the biggest loss in 71 years,  proved more costly to democrats because of lack of support of Republicans according to the Liar-In-Chief. You kill me.

Part of Leadership Mr. Obama is persuasion. You could not get anyone to buy into your agenda and then you lead your own party off the cliff.  Thanks! No really.

Let there be gridlock. Gridlock is good unless you completely want America to dissolve into the ether as a dead and dying democracy, lest not forget your $200,000 million dollar a day India “America is for sale junket”.

At the same time your displaying your continued endorsement for the lame and stupid of unsound-mind-trade-policy by pointing out to the rest of the world to go shopping in INDIA.   You sold India very well– Idiot.

Can you stop helping us?

My advice… You don’t have to open your mouth 2 seconds after every miss step, listen, I’m trying to help. Please call me and I can help you.

You fundamentally misread every single step you made in the last 2 years, I really have to give you credit for being a funny little man.

Mr. Obama you continue to characterize Americans as not being smart enough, you need to learn your history young man, your going fall and fall big. We will take this country back and if we have to kick the ass of every Democrat and Republican we will.

Stop the flip flopping, it has really made you look foolish and annoying.  Just after the “shellacking” (I like that) your party took, you immediately said “I m willing to compromise”  (I KNEW your were going to say that) and then 2 days latter said on all the Sunday talk shows your not willing to do that. Who advises you anyway? Anyone? We are really laughing at you.

Well at least your steadfast, consistent and continually stupid which we can count on, standing firm and out of touch with you compatriot Pelosi standing firm and out of touch. This is not just denial  but someone who is hopelessly dogmatic and inept at governing in every single way.  Or like I say…Stupid.

I futher sayeth nought.

PS. Madam Speaker move on, step aside, your embarrassing your children. Do you have any shame? Any humility left in your pathetic self-serving thick scull? –Geeze

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