North Saint Paul Edits And Censors Council Meeting Video Feeds

The City is stooping to new lows.

The last council meeting held on October 19th included a segment on Christine Crittenden addressing the City Council with hither to unknown information and the introduction of 1000 signatures on a petition.

The Council meetings are broadcast via Comcast Cable, other carriers and streaming live videos . The portions where Christine was talking and of others tried to speak during the same time, unexpectedly encountered “technical difficulties”.   Not likely.

The only way this could happen is if someone in the control room located within the council chambers messed with the control boards and caused it to happen or made it appear as a technical problem.

Nothing happens in North St. Paul by accident unless you consider the birth of Mike Kuehn our illustrious statist leader.

I will find out who these people are and a complaint will be forwarded to the FCC for investigation. I believe there was a conspiracy to interfere with free speech at this meeting. I believe that this person was ordered to interfere or acted alone in the event the discussions went bad, in which it did. There are no coincidences in politics and skullduggery.

They could not have been tampered with the video afterwards, because Comcast and other folks would have an original.

This was an inside job. I will get to the bottom of this if it takes me a year.

Vote Tuesday, November 2nd as if your life and childrens life depend on it, because it DOES!

Don’t forget to write-in for a REAL Mayor folks. It’s your civic duty to stand up to these injustices in this county and this is all you have left.

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