This Is How The Republican Win- Victory For Americans

All over but the crying for Democrats. I might be a little green, but here goes on my predictions.

Likely voters:  Obviously.

  • Insane radical liberals– Doesn’t matter
  • Liberal Democrats–Will continue on death row
  • Centrist Democrats–Surrender or die
  • Independents–bye. bye Obama
  • Centrist Republicans–More voting for Republicans
  • Conservative Republicans- Not voting Democrat
  • Radical right wing — Putting the fear of god into Radical Liberals

Democrats lose virtually all independent voters and 12%  of their rank and file members that once had voted for Obama and other Democrats are lost for a myriad of reasons. See, they just did not pay off  the minorities and food stamp crowd who were promised free rent and gas, disenfranchised college students and your average scared shitless half asleep Democrats. And for the haters–Angry rich people,  that did not get what they bargained for (beat up and threatened ) and then you throw in the TEA party and you have a perfect storm.

Minorities and poor will stay home,

Republicans will win the U.S. House of Representatives and maybe,  just maybe the Senate- too close to call, however I am tilting towards a win.

Currently the Democrats have control of the Senate with 40 seats. To gain control, Republicans must win ten new seats. An analysis of the latest polling data suggests that Republicans currently hold the lead in eight pick-up states: Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin, Washington State, Arkansas, Delaware, North Dakota, and Indiana. In a ninth, Illinois, the candidates are tied and, in the tenth – Nevada – Reid is ahead by only one point. Reid is in deep shit with just recent revelations of impropriety by junior staff usurping immigration laws. They say it’s no big deal.

Currently the Democrats are in control of the house with 255D to 178R seats respectively, 218 seats makes a majority.  So by netting 39 Republicans would takeover.

Unprecedented Massive high-turnout scenario for Republicans and Independents.

Gubernatorial victories shift to the right across the country towards republicans and conservatives to keep their respective legislatures in check.

State legislatures shift to the right because of gigantic spending problems, unemployment and, deficits.

County and municipal elections remain static with isolated minor changes across the country.

Minnesota will continue to be a laughing stock to the rest of the nation having elected Mark Dayton to office.  Mr. Dayton will have a Pampers party orgy with Al Franken  at his coronation.

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