Mrs. Crittenden Raises More Questions, Mayor Stifles Citizens Free Speach

The City Manager laid out a thorough, cohesive, logical, concise opinion on behalf of the Chief of police about the use of and /or wearing of the “Officer Rick Crittenden pin” and that should have been that.

When the issue was passed onto Mayor Mike Kuehn he could not just stop at that, he had to put his idiotic spin on it and pretended to be an attorney and read the State Statute describing what a plan “B” City is.  He talked and talked and pretty much made things worse. I could see Christine fidgeting and becoming restless. She approach the council and blasted them.

Mike never knows when to shut up, but is fully able to force others to when needed. Mike is a coward and the only power he has is force people out of council meetings.

Furthermore, Mayor Mike Kuehn the consummate Marxist–stifled a local citizen for trying to add additional information regarding Mrs. Crittendens complaints.

No one will ever know what he had to say….except one person and I’m not saying who.

Mike Kuehn is so anal retentive and mentally ill (liberal) he would re-write the city charter, pass any ordinance just to make his YARD AND HOUSE look better.

This is all he has to live for, except maybe cutting his grass and picking flowers.

He has no wife, no kids, no home of his own, no girlfriend — He is the STASTIST robot which is the legacy of Stalin. He has no life so he meddles and messes with yours.  He will have NO LEGACY in the end–just a picture on the wall. Sad but true.

All he has ever known is TAKE, TAKE and TAKE. That’s his job in life- But none of his rules ever apply to him. He is Mr. PC .

Someone raised their hand to speak and Mike said in a terse voice, “I WON’T HEAR ANYONE ELSE”.

Mrs. Crittenden said “Why not?” and others murmured similar sentiments.

Council Member Jan Walczak turned to him and said ” how about letting them speak” in a quiet voice.  Mike didn’t even flinch and kept talking.

The man stood up and said “vote NO against Mike, he never listens to anyone!” He then walked out of the council meeting room.

Channel 9 News was present and received some silly little platitudes by the City Manager. Had the media not been there (in the past), before cable was brought to the council chambers , these council meetings might have been MORE OPEN.  Now it’s all cut and dried and scripted, but since it is always about MIKE and how he appears, he want’s it all to go his way, because it make him look good. That’s how a far left liberal thinks.

1000 signatures were brought forth to show support for her cause-she made some other comments for which I have no foundation to make any comments on.

But to the question of MIKE KUEHN for mayor? Convert the anger and the petition into EMPTY votes –leave the box empty when you close the curtain and cast your ballots– as a show of no confidence in his leadership. You have every right to speak, even if if no one likes what you have to say. I’m not willing to give that up, are you?

He now thinks he is a little god and owns NSP like Sandberg did–Set for life.

Time to make your voices NOT HEARD  November 2nd. Or there is another option.

UPDATED: Thursday 21, 2010

Write in Candy Peterson who did well in the last mayoral election or maybe  Christine Crittenden is not on the ballot–anyone but the Metro Council Political Hack Mike, the I-know-what’s-best-for you Kuehn.

It’s always about MIKES CONNECTION to the Met Council. Don’t ever forget that.

I left the council meeting scratching my head and wonder why I even bother to go.

Mike do the right thing and resign or drop out of the race and leave us with some dignity, please.

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5 Responses to Mrs. Crittenden Raises More Questions, Mayor Stifles Citizens Free Speach

  1. CJ says:

    I am not joking. We should start a campaign and all write her in. Mike Kuehn was unbelievably disrepectful last night to community members that attended the city council meeting by not letting them speak, he doesn’t deserve to be mayor.

    Christine Crittenden would never stand for some of the things that happen in this city. If the city manager doesn’t have to live in North St Paul, why should the Mayor.
    I’d love to see the looks on the faces of the Mayor, City Manager and Tom Lauth if she got all the votes. It’s a “PLAN B GOVERNMENT” which makes it’s own rules. So why not change this one.

    I for one, would be honored to have her as the mayor of our city. She would make this cities government accountable for its decisions. Which is exactly what needs to happen.
    Think about it!!

    • HELEN says:

      I would love to see this happen! But I am sure that the city has rules that the mayor and council must live in our town. The REAL RULERS of our fair city do not have to. I understand for safety sake police officers living in a different location. There are too many crazy’s out there that would seek revenge for getting a ticket. But the city manager should live in the city he/she manages. Then they would have a vested interest in the city. Not just a financial one

  2. cj says:

    Unfortunately, even some of our city admin that do have vested interest in the city take advantage/abuse their powers and their multiple city titles/jobs (3 titles I think at the present time) to fill up their personal bank accounts. I wouldn’t be suprised if they rezone their numerous properties to their advantage as well.

    Maybe it’s a conflict of interest, or misappropration of funds, or both but whatever it is the city manager and mayor know it’s been happening and don’t seem to mind. It’s sad, because this used to be a nice, quaint little town. Now it’s just home of a big ugly windmill that doesn’t work, a city manager and mayor that are full of excuses, a huge budget deficit, and it’s because of the disrepectful elected officials that don’t listen to us or our votes.

    The snowman’s head should be turned around looking the other way – just like this cities administration.

  3. Christy Anderson Hayes says:

    Thank you to all who signed this petition! After attending the meeting I am very disappointed in the city council, especially the city manager and the mayor. After Christine spoke, the mayor was downright rude at the meeting, not letting the public speak during open forum, because they might actually have facts to con…tribute. Apparently the city would rather pretend there aren’t any issues. Apparently, it’s okay that Ricks purple her, medals and awards of honor, were on the floor in the chief of police’s closet for 10 months. Apparently, the chief has the right to go and bully local businesses.

  4. Melinda DeHoop says:

    I can not believe what asses the City Councel and Cheif of North St Paul are. These pins are not that big and it should be up to the officers. This fight will not be over. The Cheif is only thinking of himself. Lets all hope he does not meet the same fate as Rick did because NO ONE will ever put up a statue in his honor!

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