The great journalist Andrew Breitbart destroys college student who calls him a racist



Elizabeth Warren in 2004 describing Hillary Clinton as a PUPPET to corporate donors




Trump Releases ’50 Facts’ On Hillary Clinton



Last week, the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign released the “Top 50 Facts about Hillary Clinton” that Trump detailed in his speech last Wednesday. Each assertion the Trump campaign lists is presented with government reports and/or media reports.

1. “Clinton Trade Deals ‘Are Disastrous”
2. “Clinton Lied About Her Landing In Bosnia”
3. “Clinton Performed Favors for Donors As Secretary Of State”
4. “The Clintons Made Millions From Speeches To Special Interests”
5. “Clinton Supported Her Husband’s ‘Disastrous’ NAFTA Policy”
6. “Clinton Supported China’s Entrance Into The WTO”
7. “Since Hillary-Backed Trade Agreements Adoped Nearly 1/3 Of Americas Manufacturing Jobs Have Disappeared”
8. “The Trade Deficit With China Soared Under Clinton As Secretary Of State”
9. “China Stole Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars In Intellectual Property During Clinton Tenure At State”
10. “Clinton Gave China Millions Of Jobs And Grew Rich In Return”
11. “The Clintons Profited From Speeches To Chinese Interests While She Was Negotiating With China”
12. “Clinton Supported TPP Which Will Destroy Jobs”
13. “Clinton Deleted The TPP Record From Her Book And 30,000 Emails”
14. “Clinton Will Adopt TPP”
15. “Clinton Will Betray Workers On Trade”
16. “Clinton’s Foreign Policy Has Cost Americans Thousands Of Lives, Trillions Of Dollars, and Unleashed ISIS Across The World”
17. “Among Clinton’s Victims Was Ambassador Chris Stevens”
18. “Clinton Was At Home Sleeping While Attacks In Benghazi Continued”
19. “Ambassador Stevens And His Staff In Libya Made Hundreds Of Requests For Increased Security And Were Denied”
20. “Clinton Lied About A Video Causing The Deaths Of Americans In Benghazi”
21. “In Four Years Clinton Managed To Single Handedly Destabilize The Middle East And Hand Over Libya To ISIS”
22. “Iran Is Now The Dominant Islamic Power In The Middle East And Is On The Road To A Nuclear Weapon, Thanks To Clinton”
23. “Hillary Has Supported Regime Change In Syria, Leading To One Of The Bloodiest Civil Wars And Giving ISIS A Launching Pad To The West”
24. “Clinton Helped Force Out A Friendly Regime In Egypt”
25. “Clinton’s Announced-Timetable for Withdrawal from Iraq Allowed ISIS to Rush In and Fill The Void”
26. “Clinton Learned Nothing From Iraq”
27. “Clinton Refuses To Acknowledge The Threat Posed By Radical Islam”
28. “Clinton Supports A 550% Increase In Syrian Refugees”
29. “Hundreds Of Immigrants And Their Children Have Been Recently Charged With Terrorism”
30. “Clinton Policy Is Motivated By 1,000 Foreign Donations That Weren’t Disclosed With The State Department”
31. “Bill Clinton Was Paid $750,000 From A Telecom Company Facing State Department Sanctions While Hillary Was Secretary of State, And Was Subsequently Spared”
32. “Clinton’s State Department Approved The Transfer of 20% Of America’s Uranium Holdings To Russia, While Investors Funneled $145 Million To The Clinton Foundation”
33. “Hillary Clinton Appointed A Top Donor To A Sensitive National Security Board, Despite His Having No Credentials”
34. “Clinton Accepted Gifts From The Government Of Brunei As Secretary Of State As Brunei Pushed Sharia Law”
35. “Hillary Took $25 Million From Saudi Araba, Where Being LGBT Is Punishable By Death”
36. “Hillary Took Millions From Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, And Other Countries That Abuse Women And The LGBT Community”
37. “Clinton Illegally Used A Private Email Server While At The State Department”
38. “Clinton’s Emails Were Easily Hacked By Foreign Governments”
39. “Clinton Deleted 33,000 Emails”
40.”Clinton’s Private Emails Could Be Used as A Blackmail File for Foreign Governments”
41. “Clinton Will Pursue An Open Borders Policy”
42. “Minorities Will Be Hurt Most From Clinton’s Policies”
43. “Sergeant Mendoza Brendam Died Because Of The Immigration Policies Supported By Hillary Clinton”
44. “For The Amount Of Money Hillary Clinton Wants To Spend On Refugees, We Could Rebuild Every Inner-City In America”
45. “Clinton’s Immigration Agenda Will Keep Them Poor, Unemployed Americans Out Of Work, And Hurt Minorities”
46. “Clinton Will Appoint Judges Who Will Abolish The 2nd Amendment”
47. “ObamaCare Is A Job-Killing Disaster”
48. “Real Wages Haven’t Increased For America Workers”
49. “Clinton’s Regime of Taxation, Regulation, And Open Borders, Will Destroy Jobs And Drive Down Wages”







The Most Devastating 10 Minutes On MSNBC Hillary Breaking The Law

MSNBC Face the Nation beats the daylight out of Hillary Clinton and her illegal use of the private email server as reported by Obama’s own appointed Inspector Generals report. You can see the pain in their face’s as they have no where to go but report the facts- they don’t want to, but have no choice. Throughout the panel you can hear heavy breathing, see the angst, sighing in disbelief that Clinton has lied through her teeth for over a year. If this does not convince you nothing will. My prediction is the FBI will ask to have her charged by the corrupt DOJ. It’s prison for Secretary Clinton or Obama will have to step in and pardon her. She is finished in the 2016 election. Maybe they will send in clown Al Franken to take her place.

Hillary Clinton May Be Headed For Prison Or Pardon?


A State Department watchdog concluded that Hillary Clinton failed to comply with the agency’s policies on records while using a personal email server that was not — and, officials say, would never have been — approved by agency officials, according to a report released to lawmakers on Wednesday.

The long-awaited findings from the State Department inspector general, which also revealed Clinton expressing reluctance about using an official email account, were shared with Capitol Hill Wednesday, a copy of which was obtained by POLITICO. The report detailed how some employees who questioned the wisdom of the homegrown setup were told to stop asking questions, and the audit confirmed apparent hacking attempts on the private server.

It’s the latest turn in the headache-inducing saga that has dogged Clinton’s campaign. While the report concludes that the agency suffers from “longstanding, systemic weaknesses” with records that “go well beyond the tenure of any one Secretary of State,” it specifically dings Clinton for her exclusive use of private email during her four years at the agency.

“Secretary Clinton should have preserved any Federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records with the related files in the Office of the Secretary,” the report states. “At a minimum, Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department business before leaving government service and, because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.”

The report also notes that she had an “obligation to discuss using her personal email account” but did not get permission from the people who would have needed to approve the technology, who said they would not have done so, if they had been asked.

The Vast Majority Of All Terrorist Attacks Are Carried Out By Muslims

Over 28,800 Islamic terrorist attacks have occurred around the world since 9/11. There has been an 800% increase in attacks since the tyrant President Obama took office and gave Muslims the incentive, the green light to carry out their Grand Jihad (Muslim Brotherhood)

Of course, not all all Muslims are terrorists but most Muslims are twisted and evil nit wits because they allow their religion to be hijacked by those radical extremists. The Media says that the moderate Muslims need to speak up against the extremists. Obviously there are few words spoken in those regards and that speaks volumes about the nature of these misguided creatures of the Islamic faith (false religion).

The fact is Muslims silently cheer on those radicals as the attacks are played out around the world simply because they have never evolved, reformed or turned their back on the hateful nature of the words that come out parts of Quran the center of religious text in Islam.

Muslims, Terrorist attacks, Islamists, Islam, Hamas, ISIS, jihadists, terrorists, Koran, Muhammad, taqiyya, tawriya, liars, sharia, Not all Muslims are terrorist now HOWEVER all terrorists are Muslim. 100% of terrorist attacks against U.S. Airlines in past 20 yrs done by Muslims.

Donald Trump The Decent Man Who Just Wants To Give Back To America


Not tax deductible but he did it anyway..
Trump—and his acts of kindness

Sends airplane to pick up soldiers…/200-stranded-marines-needed-a-pla…/

Sends airplane to transport very sick boy…/

Saves a Farm from Foreclosure…/

Former beauty queen delivers tearful thank you to Trump…/donald-trump-former-miss-wisconsin-exc…

Donald Trump Quietly Helped Marine Whom Obama Ignored…/…

Veterans fundraiser…/trump-skips-debate-raises-6m-for-vets…

The time he gave sanctuary to Grammy Award winning singer Jennifer Hudson after three of her family members were murdered:

and the list goes on….
your turn Hillary…

President Obama And The VA Killed This Veteran

You have changed things. I just got a call from a lady at VA. Someone sent the video to a senator and that senator (she would not give me the senators name) contacted the VA and told them to find a way for me to receive after treatment where ever I want. This is a big deal. However, while this does help me obtain the treatment I need it still doesn’t change the fact that had they done things the way they should have I would not be dying.

My desire and wish is to force changes in the va to allow ALL veterans to get the care they need. If they can now allow me to get treatment where ever I want then they can allow ALL veterans to get treatment where ever they want. Please don’t stop now. This is a fight you can win.

The End Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Says Bill Clinton Would Be in Charge of the Economy After Election

If she gets elected president next November

Hillary Clinton says she has found a role for her husband, former president Bill Clinton, in her future administration, should she be elected next November.

During a campaign stop in Kentucky on Sunday, Clinton said Bill would be in charge of “economic revitalization” if she were to be elected, a role she has hinted at but has not explicitly spelled out.

“My husband, who I’m going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, cause you know he knows how to do it,” Clinton said at a rally on Sunday, ABC News reports. “And especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out.”

Asked on Monday to clarify her husband’s role, Clinton said only that he


Hillary Clinton Says Bill Clinton Would Be in Charge of the Economy After Election

Judge Jeanine: The Establishment Wants to ‘Sabotage’ Trump and Is ‘In Bed with the Democrats’

“‘Donald Trump must be stopped’ is the Republican Party’s mantra,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her opening statement on Justice.

“Why?” she asked. “Why would Republicans try to sabotage their own front-runner and risk a Democrat winning the White House?”

“I keep coming up with the same answer,” said Judge Jeanine.

“The Republican establishment, elected officials and party leaders are in bed with the Democrats!”

The judge explained:

“If Hillary wins, nothing is lost for them, it’s business as usual.

The lobbyists keep their offices on K Street, the pharmaceutical companies keep paying them, the unions keep adding to their pensions and the lawmakers get their reelection bribes – I mean contributions – while we the underclass work two and three jobs and rack up a debt our children and grandchildren will have to pay for generations!”

Instead of supporting Trump – “the guy who keeps winning” – party leaders have talked about creating a so-called “‘unity ticket’ of other candidates to make sure he doesn’t win,” said Judge Jeanine.

“To scare you into submission, they predict Trump cannot win the general election.”

It’s because “party elders are petrified of Trump,” Judge Jeanine explained.

“The man is beholden to no one. He wins, and it’s game over for the elite.”

Watch Judge Jeanine’s opening statement above, and read the full transcript below.

And tell her what you think on her Facebook page or on Twitter @JudgeJeanine!